mourning of the cat

planet earth is a truly perilous place for a cute little creature like a cat

cats found a place of refuge from predators, however, in human settlements where they have been accomodated as mascots and appreciated for their sophisticated affection

so cats lived among humans for hundreds or thousands of years as their relationship was agreeable to both parties

one dark day in the twentieth century all of this changed and the cat which dwelt trustingly beside humans became victim of a new impersonal and lethal violence: the automobile

as the urban environment is composed of streets paved upon the surface of the earth in a grid-shaped pattern, our beloved cat was left with no refuge and no place of security

since the cat has committed no sin against the human, this is injustice in plain view... therefore may Allah Most High And Exalted punish humanity with dishonor until their insensitivity become recognised as their adversary

until the cat is remembered by the humans and respected as one ought to respect their faithful friends and family members, humanity cannot in any way be considered trustworthy or responsible

visit also the cat protection society and

every apology to cats and peace upon their holy existence
-r.s. woods